Ladies, this one is for you!

Ladies, can we just talk a minute?  Life is tiring, especially if you are a wife and a mother. It seems that people and activities are always demanding your attention.  You get tired and irritable and before you know it, you are taking it out on those you love the most.

This happened in my house last night.  Yesterday we had an AMAZING day.  Church was full of God’s presence.  Wyatt took a 4.5 hour nap.  Evan didn’t have any tantrums.  We cooked and ate all our meals at home, together, and even cleaned up the dishes when we were done!  We bummed on the couch and then had a giant wrestling match on the bed.  We read several books to the boys and then they went to bed without argument!  Could a day be any more perfect?!

Then in happened.  I tried to have a serious conversation with the hubs after 10 pm.  LADIES, THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA.  When you are tired it is so easy for your emotions to get the better of you.  We have been talking about remodeling and/or moving and so many thoughts have been tossed around.  Last night we tried to hash out some ideas and it ended with me nearly biting my husbands head off.  I have strong feelings anyway and asking them to stay in check that late at night?  No good.  We finally decided to call the conversation quits.  I went to sleep and he headed out to tinker in the garage.

This morning I woke with great conviction.  Last night I did not leave my husband feeling encouraged and capable.  I did not treat him with respect or make him feel proud of who he is.  So I opened up my Bible during breakfast and wouldn’t you know it…Proverbs 31!

Proverbs 31 is titled “The Woman Who Fears the Lord”.  Take a minute to read it.  The description of the wife and mother that God calls us to be will floor you.  This amazing woman is so selfless!  She does a lot of work in caring for others.  I’m sure, like many of us, she often felt under appreciated and overworked, but jump to v. 29 and see what her husband says about her.

“Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.”

I want to hear my husband say that to me!  But it won’t happen when I’m controlled by my tired emotions.  Ladies, God has set a high standard for us to achieve and he alone will give us the strength to attain it.  The next time we are feeling tired and overwhelmed and backed into a corner, let us call first upon the name of Jesus.  He longs to make us a more perfect reflection of him so we can be a light and encouragement to the family he has entrusted to our care!

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